Private Coaching for Young Actors and Models

Hannah Kat Jones is available for private coaching. All coaching sessions are conducted via Zoom based on availability. In the first session, Hannah Kat Jones will identify your specific goals and develop and personalized curriculum from there. So, whether you are working on an audition or your runway walk, fine-tuning a monologue, need audition help, agency interview preparation or new to acting and modeling Hannah Kat Jones can help!

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With a passion for the arts and an education in theatre, Hannah loves working with fresh talent to enrich their performance and elevate their confidence.


Hannah Kat Jones has worked in the entertainment industry for over a decade. The auditions never stop and neither should you. If you’re serious about a career in acting or modeling, you have to be consistently practicing techniques in auditioning and character development.


It is imperative maintaining a positive outlook on an industry that can seem intimidating and highly critical. Having the right support and guidance to build you up makes a world of a difference.

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