The Not-So-Wicked Witch

Everyone thinks my sister is perfect! It makes me want to choke a toad! All pretty in pink like a big puff of cotton candy! As if sugar wouldn’t melt in her little rosebud mouth!

Well, duh, of course she looks all sweet and nice —- she’s dressed all girly from her head to her toes! Nobody thinks evil could reside in all that fluff!

It just proves that she’s Mom and Dad’s favorite. What do they give me to wear? Black, black, and more black! How’s a person to look nice in that? And do you know how hot it gets wearing black all summer long? It’s no wonder I’m a bit grouchy at times! Of course, she’s all smiles and full of cute little songs with her perky little voice! Well, let her wear this get-up for a while and we’ll see how she feels!

But not Glinda! Oh no! She’s the Good Witch! So what does that make me? The Bad One, of course. What a joke! She’s the one that turned all of the townspeople into munchkins! And didn’t even get in trouble. I turn one little guy into a scarecrow, and all of a sudden I’m wicked. It’s just not fair! She gets away with everything.

It makes me so mad; I’ve just got to zap something! (Makes pointing gesture to someone in audience.)

Zap! (Blows off zapping finger.) There. Now I do feel a little better. 

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