The Forgetful Fairy Godmother

Oh, my, my, my! I’m all in a tizzy, I tell you! I’ve finally been given ad job — a real live “make a wish” job — an I can’t find my wand! That’s been happening a lot lately. I found my hot rollers in the fridge the other day. And my breakfast bagels underneath the bathroom sink. I think all this spell-making has re-wired my brain! I can’t seem to do anything right! Yesterday, I turned my cat into a frog, and I can’t remember the spell to turn her back. Have you ever seen a frog meow? It’s quite disturbing, let me tell you.

But what’s a fairy godmother to do without a wand? I can’t whip up a fancy hairdo or a beautiful gown with these crooked old hands! Besides, I’ve never sewn a day in my life! And I certainly can’t pack Cinderella to the ball on my back!

Oooooh! What to do, what to do? I tell you the truth; I need my own fairy godmother to help me. Oh, poor Cinderella! She’s going to be so disappointed having to wear those dirty old rags to the ball! The Prince won’t even notice her! Maybe she won’t even go! Oh, dear! Then they’ll never meet! They’ll never fall in love! And they won’t live happily ever after! She’ll be stuck in this wretched house with these wretched people, and it will all be my fault! Oh, that just won’t do!

(As if calling for a dog) Here little wand, here little wand! Oh, if only I’d turned my cat into a dog instead! Then she could fetch it for me. Why do I have to be so scatterbrained? It’s like someone put a cures on me.

It’s just no use! I’m never going to find it. I’ll probably be demoted to tooth fairy now. I want to turn pumpkins into coaches, not collect a bunch of dirty rotten teeth! I’ve got to find that wand and find it fast! Maybe I should check the freezer… (Rushes off.)

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