The Babysitter

Don’t worry, Linda. I will take great care of your kids. I have lots of experience with kids, so I know what to do when they misbehave. Bye.
(Turns to kids after Linda leaves) Now listen, you little brats! I am the boss here, so you will do everything I ask you to do exactly when I say it. Here are the rules:
Rule #1 You don’t question, you just do it.
Rule #2 Never tell your mom anything that I do. Always tell her I’m the best babysitter. You wouldn’t want me to lose my job, would you?
Rule #3 You eat what I make, or you don’t eat at all.
Rule #4 If I have company do not talk to them and go into the basement.
Rule #5 If I make a mess, you clean it. I’m your guest, not the other way around.
Rule #6 No crying allowed.
Ok, those are the rules. Go have fun! (rolls eyes and whispers) Little brats.

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