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Hannah Kat Jones

most recognizable for her role on the Disney Chanel show, Austin & Ally. Hannah Kat Jones has several projects coming out in 2023. You can see her in VHS 99/Gawkers on Shutter as well as Flock of Four on Netflix.

It’s worth mentioning, Hannah Kat Jones has an uncanny resemblance to one of DC Comics’ craziest heroines, Harley Quinn.

Interested in casting Hannah Kat Jones for your next project? Check out her ActorsAccess and IMDb profiles.



One of Hannah’s favorite roles so far is Carrie, the quirky fashionista on Austin & Ally.



In Flock of Four Hannah embodies Cindy Merkle, the confident and flirtatious bombshell that can’t be trusted.



Hannah’s first television appearance was on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 16 where she won Third Place.



SuperHero Diaries showcases Hannah’s abilities in improv comedy while also testing her sanity as she becomes Harley Quinn, sort of.

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